Hit almond yield targets with precision irrigation

Improve your almond crops! Consistently hit yield targets, and plan with confidence.

Why choose precision irrigation for your almonds?

  •  Eliminate moisture stress!
    Put moisture stress and water loss behind you as you dramatically improve your water-use efficiency with subsurface drip irrigation!
  • A fruitful development
    Precision irrigation promotes uniform flowering and fruit development, increasing both nut yield and fruit size.
  • Cut back on salt
    Don’t let your salt-sensitive almond trees suffer. Drip irrigation helps you cope with salt accumulation around your crops’ roots.
  • Nourish today for tomorrow
    Ensure next year’s high yields. Our precise and alternate fertigation guarantees healthy crops today to boost your production capacity tomorrow!

Things we often get asked:

  • Is there any way to protect my irrigation equipment from agro machinery?

    Yes! Using subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) eliminates physical damage to the irrigation system, which is very important for highly mechanized crops like almonds. In addition, SDI allows growers to irrigate without obstructing field access for spraying or harvest crews or equipment.

  • How can I reduce dust at harvest?

    Using micro sprinklers as a choice of emitter for your precision irrigation solution will allow you to wet the surface and reduce dust and prevent environmental hazards.  

  • Is it important to have drippers between the trees?

    Yes! The almond root zone is found all along the line, so it’s important to wet the entire length of the planting row.

  • Why should I choose drip over other irrigation methods?

    Another common irrigation method for growing almonds is micro sprinklers (MS). While using drip irrigation can save up to 25% of the water compared to MS, it is also the most efficient way to apply fertilizers and keep the surface dry, preventing unwanted weed growth. Nevertheless, if water saving is not in top priority, micro sprinklers can be a good solution for a precision irrigation method

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Want to grow better, healthier almonds?

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