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Why choose precision irrigation for your avocado?

  • Intensify avocado production
    Precise and frequent application of water and nutrients allows modern growers to plant in narrow rows and ensure that every tree reaches its maximum potential. The result is a significantly higher and quicker income per hectare.
  • Make every year a good year
    Precision irrigation and fertigation, means you can hit your yield targets every single year. it is proven that Precise and frequent nutrient application leads to reduced alternate bearing.
  • A perfect match for shallow root zones
    The avocado plant has a wide and shallow root zone with a very low drought tolerance, so precision irrigation’s frequent application of water and nutrients guarantees no plant stress.
  • Preventing fruit drop
    Certain weather types, soil moisture or nutritional conditions can all stress the avocado tree, increasing their fruit drop. These are all negated with precision irrigation. 


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Get Your Irrigation and Fertigation Guide for Avocados

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Frost protection


Typically occurs during the springtime when a combination of cloudless nights with little or no wind, low humidity and low temperatures generate sub-zero conditions for an extended period of time.
Damage from spring frosts may range from damaged buds or flowers, ruined
fruit, poor crop quality and even full tree loss, and can be devastating to
farmers and the local economy.


During a radiation frost, crops are continuously sprayed with water above the canopy. This process creates a triple protection:

  • Micro Climate around the tree
  • Release of latent heat
  • Thin layer of ice that protects the inner cells of the crop

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Things we often get asked:

  • I know that many avocado plantations are irrigated by micro-sprinklers. Should I consider it as a viable solution over drip irrigation?

    Micro-sprinklers can be excellent precision irrigation emitters in avocado plantations as they create a wetted pattern that is well corelated to the avocado's root zone. Some farmers prefer micro-sprinkler systems because not only can they tolerate poor quality water, but the visual inspection of the system is easier and the water jets can be clearly seen.  Micro-sprinklers are also good fit for rocky soils where water distribution may be disrupted by the inconsistent soil texture.
    However, micro-sprinklers require 20-30% more water than drip irrigation, and potential damage, or wear-and-tear, mean higher maintenance costs. Although both methods are recognized, we have seen a global shift towards drip irrigation using two laterals of driplines per line of trees.

  • What are the benefits of drip irrigation in rainy areas?

    In rainy areas, drip irrigation will allow you to deliver water during dry spells and offer an efficient fertigation system all year round. Precision irrigation lets you ‘spoon feed’ your avocado to prevent leaching and ensure that every drop of fertilizer is delivered directly to the root zone.

  • What is the expected yield for a drip irrigated avocado plantation?

    While the average yield is influenced by many factors including climate, variety and the age of the plantation, typical yields of Hass avocado, for example, reach 20-30 tons per hectare on a yearly average.

  • Can drip irrigation systems be activated remotely?

    Yes. Advanced digital tools allow you to activate and manage your irrigation and nutrition from the palm of your hand, giving you remote access by mobile, tablet or computer - wherever you are.  It is possible to add other digital tools, such as soil or weather sensors, to optimize your yields and resources. Learn more about our digital farming solutions

  • How does drip irrigation benefit my farm operation? 

    Growing avocado requires an intensive farm operation which is simplified with precision irrigation. Farm employees can work in the plantation without being dependent on irrigation or fertigation scheduling. The delivery of plant protection and fertilizers via the system itself reduces operational complexity and allow access of Agromachinery to the field at any time.

  • Can I use fertilizers in my drip system?

    Yes! Not only can you use them, but you also have full control over how much fertilizer you use. Various trials and global best practices have shown that fertilizing in small amounts throughout the growing period keeps the plant root zone continuously nutritional, ensuring the avocado reach their optimal size, quantity and quality.

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Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your avocado?

Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your avocado?

Let’s find the best solution for your avocado plantations.

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