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Date palm trees are hero-plants. Boasting deep strong root systems and unique plant mechanisms, they can survive in extreme conditions like high temperatures, high water and soil salinity, and even long periods of drought. But when your goal is a profitable, cutting-edge business, survival is not enough. To ensure consistently high-quality and high-quantity yields, as well as early fruiting, long orchard life spans, and strong ROI - precision irrigation is the way to go.

Want to boost your date palm business?

Want to boost your date palm business?

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Why choose precision irrigation for your date palms?

Big savings on water

Drip irrigation provides highly efficient delivery of water to the roots, ensuring palm trees grow to their full potential. When growing in very hot climates where evapotranspiration is extremely high, water efficiency is critical. In fact, precision irrigation uses 45% less water than the flood in date palms irrigation.


Decrease humidity and prevent disease

High humidity in your date palm orchard is a one-way ticket to fungal and leaf diseases such as Graphiola leaf spot (Graphiola phoenicis Moug. Poit.). High humidity also affects date quality during the maturation process, with fruits becoming soft and sticky. Drip irrigation avoids excess moisture, ultimately reducing spraying requirements and increasing fruit quality.

Ensure consistent production, year after year

Crop yields depend on how you treat your orchard on a daily basis. Precision irrigation and fertigation guarantee healthy trees today, boosting production capacity tomorrow.


Growing effectively, even in sandy soils

Dates are commonly grown in sandy areas. Since sandy soils have poor water holding capacity, the only way to efficiently grow dates on sandy soils is by using drip irrigation.

From initiation to successful plantation



2-4 weeks



4-6 weeks



10-12 weeks




Things we often get asked:

  • What is the expected yield for dates using precision irrigation?

    While yields can be influenced by many factors (implementation and management of the best irrigation system, date variety and local conditions, etc.), typical yields with precision irrigation can reach 12-16 tons/ha per year on average.

  • Can I irrigate my dates with high saline water?

    Drip is the most efficient way to irrigate palms grown with high saline water. According to our experience, drip can be used with water up to 4.5 EC without causing significant damage.

  • When should I use micro-sprinklers and when should I use drip irrigation?

    While drip irrigation is more efficient in most situations, micro-sprinklers can be more effective in handling poor water quality. Micro-sprinklers also have an advantage in compost activation.

  • Can drip irrigation systems be activated remotely?

    Yes. Netafim’s advanced digital farming tools allow you to activate, manage and automate your precision irrigation and fertigation from the palm of your hand, wherever you are. Other digital tools, such as soil sensors, can also be added to further optimize your yields and resources.

  • My water source is far from the plot, can Netafim handle the civil works?

    Yes. Netafim is a one-stop-shop for all your dates project needs. From planning to operating to delivering water from the source to the tree’s roots.

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