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Mitigate weather-related risks and never sacrifice wine quality; your wine grapes deserve precision irrigation

Unpredictable rain patterns create a liability you cannot afford; you know that irrigation will protect you. But who will protect the sensorial quality of your wine? Drip irrigation eliminates risk while giving you all the tools you need to control wine quality.

Why choose precision irrigation for wine grapes?

  • Close the gap between rain events 
    Depending on spring and summer rains will work some of the time, but what about those years where rain is insufficient? Avoid the risk of yield loss by taking control of your soil-water balance.
  • Control plant stress 
    Drip irrigation gives you the ability to control water deficit (RDI) and plant stress. You can regulate vegetative growth and berry size while controlling stress-induced sensorial parameters.
  • Reduce costs by 30% 
    Drip irrigation delivers a controlled amount of water and nutrients straight to the roots of each plant, wasting nothing. This practice can save you up to 30% in water and fertilizer costs alone, compared to any other irrigation method. In addition, precise water delivery ensures minimal weed growth, reducing herbicide application costs.
  • Protect your vineyard from frost 
    Spring frost can cause significant damage, claiming up to 100% of your yield in some cases. Our frost protection solutions are indispensable and will ensure you harvest your grapes every year - with no surprises. 

Things we often get asked:

  • Why should you choose drip irrigation over sprinklers?

    Drip irrigation delivers water and nutrients directly to your vines’ root zone providing optimal, uniform soil moisture and outstanding aeration. As no water is wasted in run-off or evaporation, drip irrigation uses up to 20% less water and energy than sprinkler irrigation. Focusing on the roots means that there is no unwanted weed growth between crop rows, and moisture levels within the canopy remain low, reducing the risk of foliar diseases. 

  • What is Regulated Deficit Irrigation (RDI)? 

    Regulated Deficit Irrigation is a practice that purposely stresses the vines at specific developmental stages so that there is little, if any, negative impact on the yield.

    Controlling water deficit fosters induced stress at ideal growth stages to achieve better quality fruit rather than extensive vegetative growth.

  • Can drip irrigation systems be activated remotely?

    Yes. Advanced digital tools allow you to activate and manage both irrigation and fertigation from the palm of your hand, wherever you are. You can also utilize additional digital tools like soil moisture and plant sensors to optimize your yields and resources. Learn more about digital farming options to achieve the ultimate remote control solution.

  • Do driplines have to remain above ground, or can they be installed subsurface?

    Driplines for wine grapes can either remain above ground or be installed subsurface, depending on your requirements. Subsurface drip irrigation guarantees that the driplines are protected from cultivation and harvesting machinery or animal-related damage, which is a significant agro-mechanical advantage. Above-ground driplines, however, favor easy inspection and cost less to install. Either way, irrigation performance is equivalent between the two options.

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