All-in-One Irrigation Solution

All-in-one irrigation solution

NetBeat? is the first digital farming solution to enable automated irrigation, fertigation and crop protection. Combining everything into one closed-loop platform, NetBeat? lets you easily monitor, analyze and control your irrigation from wherever you are.

Monitor.  Control.  Analyze.  Fertigation

Dynamic Crop Models? - It’s like having 10,000 agronomists in the palm of your hand!

Get real-time recommendations rich with over 50 years of agricultural and hydraulic knowledge. Our intelligent Dynamic Crop Models? generate daily irrigation strategies personalized to your crops, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

Designed with you in mind

The NetBeat? interface was developed with real farmers in mind. It has been designed to cover all your bases in a simple and user-friendly manner.

NetBeat? software gives farmers the ability to manage their activities from their smartphones, while also granting them unprecedented access to a super computing brain with multiple benefits.

Smart irrigation for all

From the advanced corporate farms to smallholders, NetBeat? has a solution to fit the needs of any farmer, anywhere. NetBeat? is a modular solution that accommodates different budgets and skills, so you can upgrade as you grow.

The professionalism behind the brain

Unlike many other agro-tech trends, NetBeat? is not a startup or gadget. It is the result of the best professionals building the best irrigation and fertigation management system for digital farming. 

  • 4 years of development
  • Over 120 engineers from Israel’s leading technology companies
  • Over 70,000 hours of software development
  • Military technology – developed by "mPrest”, the creators of iron dome
  • Development teams from 8 different countries
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Transform your bottom line with netbeat?

Transform your bottom line with netbeat?

Optimize your field with the first irrigation system with a brain.

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Already got NetBeat??

Already got NetBeat??

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