Precision fertigation made simple

Looking for a cost-efficient, straightforward fertigation solution? FertiOne?is our simplest dosing system, enabling injection of a single fertilizer with ultimate preision. It’s a plug-and-play, fully configurable, simple-to-operate single-channel fertilizer and acid dosing unit perfect for open field sites fitted with electricity. With FertiOne?’s exact delivery of the right amount of nutrients at the right time, precision fertigation is simpler than ever.


Why FertiOne??

  • Productive: Improves crop yield and quality by ensuring precise fertigation
  • Uniform: Delivers a consistently uniform quantity/ratio of nutrients
  • Cost-effective: Requires minimal investment and offers rapid ROI
  • Cost efficient: Reduces water, fertilizer and energy consumption
  • Easy: Both installation andmaintenance are hassle-free since there are no moving parts
  • Broad: Coverage ranges from field crops & vegetables to orchards
  • Eco-friendly: Fosters reduced levels of soil contamination
  • Adaptable: Fitseasily into any existing irrigation system and is compatible with any controller on the market


Get the highest yield at the lowest price 

  • Scalable: Scales to system flow rates from 5m3/hr to 700m3/hr and up to 8 bar pressure
  • Diverse: Dosing channels include manual, electric, and electric with fertilizer meter
  • High-quality: Frame is corrosion-resistant aluminum and PVC pipe work is made from the highest quality materials
  • Flexible: Able to accommodate a variety of dosing channels and single- or three-phase dosing boosters
  • Versatile: Available either as a basic manual system for simple operation, or equipped with several controller options for more advanced quantitative or proportional control
  • Integrated: Works with a wide range of accessories and peripherals


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Want to improve your bottom line?

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