NetaFlex? 3G 

Welcome to the next level of precision fertigation

Greenhouse growers require a highly precise, reliable open-tank dosing system to get the most out of their crops. Featuring state-of-the-art open-tank dosing, precise EC and pH levels and a modular CE-compliant system, NetaFlex? 3G ensures exceptionally precise, uniform nutrient dosing, placing nutritional directly control in the grower’s hand. Literally. NetaFlex? 3G easily integrates with nearly every automation and monitoring system on the market, making it the greenhouse grower’s new best friend.


Why NetaFlex 3G??

  • Productive: Improves crop yield and quality by ensuring precise EC and pH control
  • Uniform: Open-tank mixing design delivers uniform nutrient quantity/ratio
  • Cost-efficient: Requires minimal investment
  • Cost effective: Reduceswater, fertilizer and energy consumption
  • Modular Features aCE-compliant dosing system that easily integrates with nearly every third-party control and monitoring system on the market
  • Hassle-free: Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts
  • Eco-friendly: Fosters reduced levels of soil contamination
  • Stable: Smooth and stable hydraulic operation



Take control of your greenhouse crops with careful precision

  • Applicable: Covers all applications ranging from greenhouse in soil, to very intensive soilless media
  • Comprehensive: Works with a wide range of dosing channel units and flow rates (up to 6 units of 50-600 l/hr each)
  • Scalable: Scales to system flow rates from 3m3/hr to 64m3/hr
  • Quick: Features action dosing valves and efficient fertigation recipe adjustments
  • Adaptable: Offers a wide range of integrated accessories and peripherals as well as a multilingual interface
  • Low maintenance: Frame is corrosion-resistant aluminum andboth components and PVC piping are produced from the highest quality materials
  • Versatile: Flow capacity goes from 0.1Ha to 10Ha
  • Accurate: Provides 6 highly precise 50-600 l/hr (13-156 gal/hr) fertilizer/acid dosing channels




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