The future of farming is here

Farming has always been a risky business, that much we all know. But over recent years, dealing with so many natural and man-made parameters – from climate change to the impact of COVID 19 – has made us realize how critical it is for food security to be able to grow our food in a controlled environment.

In response to these growing challenges, commercial greenhouse projects are rapidly expanding.

The results speak for themselves: yields in commercial greenhouse projects are increasing by up 8-10 times in comparison to open field growing. Growers can now produce crops all year round. Fresh local food is available for local markets. While resources like water and fertilizer use is being cut by up to 40%.

For investors, commercial greenhouse projects mean lower production costs, fewer risks and higher returns, while also contributing to more sustainable farming and food security. Greenhouses present an exciting future.

Some of our notable global projects

Azerbaijan AFC

Crop: Roses | Greenhouse Type: Glasshouse | Size (Ha): 3

Azerbaijan, G P Alpha

Crop: Vegetables Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 5

Azerbaijan, Kaskad Agro

Crop: Vegetables Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 5

Georgia, Zugdidi

Crop: Vegetables Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 9

China, Blueberries

Project size: 80 ha (56 ha Drip Irrigation and 24 ha Nursery) Project services: Design and implementation of a fully automated irrigation system, training and agronomic support.

Croatia, Agrokor

Crop: Tomatoes Greenhouse Type: Glasshouse | Size (Ha): 5

Ivory cost, N DOCI

Crop: Vegetables Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 1

Japan, Miho

Crop: Sweet Pepper | Greenhouse Type: Glasshouse | Size (Ha): 1.5

Japan, Hukoto

Crop: Sweet Pepper | Greenhouse Type: Glasshouse | Size (Ha): 1.9

Kazakhstan, Atyrau Sauda, Compass

Crop: Vegetables + Nursery | Greenhouse Type: Glasshouse | Size (Ha): 2

Kazakhstan, EcoInvest

Crop: Vegetables & Nursery | Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 11

Mali, Sidibe Agro

Crop: Vegetables Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 1

Malawi, Inosselia

Crop: Vegetables Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 16

Mexico, Agro Park Queretaro

Crop: Tomato, cucumber, bell pepper | Greenhouse Type: Glasshouse and Polyhouse | Size (Ha): 55

Mexico, Pinos, Baja Califonia

Crop: Tomato, cucumber, bell pepper | Greenhouse Type: Greenhouse and nethouse and nurseries | Size (Ha): 700

Mexico, San Vicente Camalu, Baja California

Crop: Tomato | Size (Ha): 225

Mexico, El Huevo, San Luis Potosy

Crop: Tomato | Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse | Size (Ha): 10

South Africa, Lankgele

Crop: Blueberries | Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 4

South Africa, Le Arc

Crop: Blueberries Greenhouse Type: Nethouse & P.E ? | Size (Ha): 9

South Africa, Emseni

Crop: Peppers Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse  | Size (Ha): 12

South Africa, Felbridge

Crop: Medical Cannabis | Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 0.75

South Africa, Riverside

Crop: Citrus Nursery | Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 1.5

Turkey, Camlica 2

Crop: Tissue Culture Nursery Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 0.5

Turkmenistan, Orange Insaat

Crop: Vegetables | Greenhouse Type: Complete Heating, Water and Control system? | Size (Ha): 8

North Thailand, PepsiCo

Crop: Potato seeds | Size (Ha): 0.8

USA, AltMed

Crop: Medical cannabis | Greenhouse Type: Glasshouse. LED light, Mechanical cooling system, 5 flowering rooms

Vietnam, Vin

Crop: Melons & Cucumber | Greenhouse Type: Net House? | Size (Ha): 50

Vietnam, Cuchi

Crop: Veg/Leafy/Nursery/NFT | Greenhouse Type: Polyhouse? | Size (Ha): 30

North Vietnam, Lam Son

Crop: melon/cucmber/tomato/leafy | Greenhouse Type & Size (Ha): 7ha mid tech polyhouse, 7ha nethouse

Some of our notable global projects


Learn how we can help design and deliver your next greenhouse project.

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What makes Netafim the leading choice for commercial greenhouse projects:



For a major investment like a commercial greenhouse project, it makes sense to have a major player by your side. We are the world’s biggest irrigation company and a leader in commercial greenhouse projects, with over 50 years’ experience, a presence in over 110 countries and a strong financial backbone.



Hands-on experience in the agricultural sector is an important factor when you choose a partner for a complicated commercial greenhouse project. A significant benefit of developing a greenhouse with Netafim is our agricultural knowledge.

It enables us to develop precisely the correct solution for the weather conditions and climate demands of your location – in terms of structure, crop-type, production method and technology solutions.

“As a newcomer to the agricultural industry, it was important for us to choose a partner that could offer extensive agronomic support and give us peace of mind for such a large project.” Vingroup, Vietnam



We know that as a client it helps to have one team managing your whole commercial greenhouse project. We lead every step of the commercial greenhouse project lifecycle: feasibility, planning, execution and after-sale support. We manage all the teams on the ground for you. Once you partner with Netafim, we lead the way from there. More> 



We’ve designed and delivered hundreds of end-to-end commercial greenhouse projects all over the world. Netafim commercial greenhouse projects can be found from Vietnam and Kazakhstan to South Africa and Croatia. They are held up as some of the most cutting-edge and complex commercial greenhouse projects in the business.



One of our unique strengths at Netafim is the high level of expertise we have in-house, from agronomists to hydraulic experts to construction and heating engineers. Having everyone as part of the same organisation allows for better planning and a guarantee of professionalism.



We combine this global expertise with a strong local presence: with over 5,000 employees in over 110 countries, our team doesn’t fly in and fly out. You have a local team on the ground supporting you and your commercial greenhouse project for as long as needed.

success stories
success stories

Our commercial greenhouse projects in action

The greenhouse project lifecycle

For complex Greenhouse projects to succeed, they require specialized agronomic expertise, advanced technology and engineering capabilities, superior orchestration and execution, and smooth, seamless collaboration. This is exactly what we bring to every project, delivering successful results at every stage along the



Learn how we can help design and deliver your next greenhouse project.

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Commercial greenhouse projects: questions we’re often asked

  • I knew you were an irrigation company, but didn’t know you were also a commercial greenhouse project company?

    20 years ago we started to work with the farmers that adopted our drip irrigation systems – helping them to evolve and expand into new ways of cultivation, new crops and new technologies. Today you can find our drip irrigation products in two-thirds of all the advanced commercial greenhouses in the world, and we utilise this know-how and experience to support full commercial greenhouse projects from ideation to success. We’ve developed commercial greenhouse projects in all 5 continents, supporting our clients through our 33 business units on the ground.

  • What are the advantages of greenhouses – why not open fields?

    There are so many advantages to greenhouses, particularly when you consider the growing population and our need to grow more food to ensure food security. Greenhouses reduce the outer influences and therefore the risks. Greenhouses also optimize crop production by providing crops with the best conditions for growing, regardless of the climate and season, all year-round – increasing yield per square meter, while also optimizing the use of our natural resources such as water.

    What’s more, greenhouses also mean enabling food to grow closer to cities in a way that’s safer, cleaner, fresher and with fewer pesticides.

  • What project management models do you provide?

    We match our project management model to your specific requirements. We can operate a supply & supervision model, or an EPC/turnkey model. Both can include your master plan, design, equipment supply, civil works and construction.

  • Do you provide operation and management services (O&M)?

    Yes. If you require O&M services, we can provide after-sale local agronomic support and farm management for one growing season, or more.

  • Do you manage all contractors?

    Yes. As a company the size of Netafim we have most of the technical expertise you need in-house. However, we also have the ability to bring in the best in the world, if a specialist contractor is required. Whoever we bring in, we manage, so the only team you have to interface with is Netafim.

  • Do you also help with financing?

    Yes, we are able to help you organise a financing solution for your commercial greenhouse project. With our subsidiaries in over 33 countries, we’re often able to provide more varied financing options than others in the greenhouse industry. This could even include financing solutions that don’t require you to start paying instalments until your greenhouse is up and running. Read more on our greenhouse financing

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