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A new model for precision irrigation

As the world’s leading irrigation company, we help the world grow more with less. Our mission is to drive mass adoption of smart irrigation to fight scarcity of food, water and land.

Netafim Services is the next big step. Taking inspiration from other industries, we are making precision irrigation available through three subscription-based Service Plans.

So now you can choose a tailor-made irrigation solution with exactly the level of support you need.

Higher yields, lower capital investment

For the first time you can lease a complete irrigation solution for your business from Netafim for a monthly or annual charge.

Or purchase your irrigation system and Netafim will take responsibility for operation and maintenance.

Our experts prepare a tailor-made solution for your crop. You achieve maximum results with minimum risk, and avoid adoption barriers.

Precision irrigation is proven to increase yields by 30% - 100%. With Netafim Services you can benefit from precision irrigation faster and with less risk.

Our Three Service Plans

Mexico's largest dairy producer chooses Netafim's managed irrigation services to reduce risks and increase profitability

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Netafim Services?

    Netafim Services enables you to adopt, implement and operate sustainable precision agriculture in a variety of different models – enabling you to pick the Service Plan that best suits your business.

    Netafim Services provides you with the opportunity to leave the full ownership, operation and maintenance of your irrigation system to Netafim. Alternatively you can choose to own your irrigation system, while still leaving the operation and maintenance to Netafim. Read more about our Service Plans.

  • What Service Plans do you offer?

    We offer 3 main Service Plans:

    1. IaaS (Irrigation as a Service): your irrigation system is fully owned, operated and maintained by Netafim.
    2. Operation & Maintenance: Netafim operates and maintains the irrigation system owned by you.
    3. Annual Service Program: a program of technical and agronomic support from our experts. They diagnose improvements and maintenance on your irrigation system, which is owned and operated by you.

    We also provide other types of agronomy and technical services

  • What is the difference between IaaS and O&M?

    There are two main differences between our IaaS and O&M Service Plans:

    • Irrigation system ownership: with IaaS the irrigation system watering your crops is fully owned, operated and maintained by Netafim. With the O&M model Netafim operates the irrigation system but you own it.
    • Contract lifespan: IaaS involves a longer term contract of c.5-10 years, while O&M has a minimum contract of 3-5 years.
  • What is the difference between O&M and ASP?

    Our O&M (Operation and Maintenance) Service Plan is a comprehensive irrigation system management service – where you get the peace of mind that Netafim is responsible for the complete operation of your system, including the cost of any maintenance.

    With ASP (Annual Service Program) you get a programme of technical and agronomic visits from our Netafim experts. These will provide you with a clear guideline for operating your system and will help you maximize the effectiveness of your system and yield. However, ultimately the ownership and operation of your system sits with you.

  • How can Netafim Services help investment firms, Ag investors and agribusinesses?

    Netafim Service Plans are well designed for investment firms with agricultural ventures, ag investors and large-scale agribusinesses farming cash crops.

    Our ground-breaking IaaS Service Plan is a particularly ideal solution. With IaaS you leave the irrigation aspect of your investment completely to Netafim and without an up-front cost – guaranteeing reliability, the best chance of a strong yield, and a faster return on your investment.

  • Do you provide technical services and agronomy services to any size of field / project?

    Yes. We’ve provided services to mega-projects covering thousands of hectares, right down to single-hectare fields. We understand the needs at each end of the scale and will work with you to find the best and most cost-efficient technical solution for you.

    Find out more about our different Service Plans

  • Can Netafim Services help me to finance an irrigation solution?

    Yes, if you need financing to invest in a precision irrigation system then we can help you organize a financing solution to do that. In fact, with our subsidiaries in over 33 countries, we’re often able to provide more varied financing options than others in the irrigation industry. This could even include financing solutions that don’t require you to start paying instalments until your irrigation system is up and running.

    With our IaaS Service Plan there is also no need to invest in an irrigation system at all – it is owned, operated and maintained by Netafim in return for a regular and transparent monthly fee, reducing the need for capital investment.

  • How can Netafim Services help me grow my yields?

    Precision irrigation is proven to increase yields 30% to 100%. And with Netafim Services, our 50 years of agriculture and hydraulic know-how has never been so easy to access – meaning we can help you improve your yields in the shortest possible timeframe. Through Netafim Services we offer different ways and options to ensure your success. That ranges from full irrigation management to technical & agronomy consulting services, results-based business models and long-term contracts to ensure stable success.

  • Will Netafim Services help me cut costs?


    • By leaving the operation of your irrigation system to our professional crew, you’re cutting your operational risks and reducing your need to hire and train a new team to manage your irrigation.
    • Our professional crop consultancy team can optimize your use of water and fertilizer.
    • If you choose IaaS, we own the irrigation system and therefore eliminate all depreciation related to the equipment.
Ready to grow?

Ready to grow?

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