Precise water coverage with the highest water efficiency

Designed for orchards and vineyards, PULSAR™ distributes water continuously with equal pulses, offering growers a range of crop applications, including frost and heat protection in orchards and humidification and germination in greenhouses. PULSAR’s innovative hydraulic pulsation delivers flawless low flow rate, while keeping the high performance and saving considerable water and energy.

Why Pulsar??

  • Water and energy efficient: Specially designed to use less than 50%-70% of the water required by full-coverage sprinkler systems, Pulsar efficiently covers larger areas with a given amount of water and reduces energy consumption.
  • Lowest system cost: Innovative hydraulic pulsation technology enables wide water coverage with the lowest possible flow rates – lowering operating costs by up to 30% compared to other systems.
  • Uniform and continuous water distribution, for any topography: Achieves optimal results even with sloping terrain and long laterals thanks to a unique pressure compensation mechanism.
  • Low maintenance, high durability: Pulsar emitters are simple to install and made to withstand agrochemicals and adverse weather conditions.
  • Multiple applications: Pulsar can be used for frost and heat protection, efficient germination, misting and evaporative cooling. Delivers several pulses of water per minute, ensuring continuous watering over a large area for many hours.

Which Pulsar? model suits your needs best?

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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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