Dr. Zip

Dr. Zip provides easy and reliable connection of an integral dripper to a micro-tube, ensuring precise irrigation across diverse applications like grow containers, potted irrigation, or drop migration prevention.

Features & benefits:

  • Easy to install & connect an integral dripper to micro-tube/manifold
  • Sufficiently flexible to wrap any deformed pipe shape, allowing reliable sealing
  • Can also be used as prevention of drop migration (draining) along laterals

High-level specifications

  • Compatible with heavy-walled driplines (HWD) UniRam™, DripNet PC™ and Aries™ HWD wall thickness: ≥ 0.9mm Diameter: 12mm-20mm Note: Unsuitable for Aries™ driplines with flow rates of ≥ 4.0 l/h
  • Chemical- and UV-resistance for extended durability
  • Colored light gray
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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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