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*Please make sure when configuring your application to relate to the individual field, if you have multiple field with different needs, please configure each separately.

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Looking for more information? download the full drippers and drip lines catalog

Looking for more information? download the full drippers and drip lines catalog

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  • What’s the difference between a drip line and a dripper?

    ‘Drip lines’ are pipes with evenly spaced drippers seamlessly welded inside. And ‘drippers’ are the emitters that deliver mixtures of water and nutrients directly, in measured quantities and at regulated pressures, to each individual plant.

    If your plants are distributed evenly across your field, orchard or greenhouse, you’ll mostly rely on drip lines to irrigate and fertigate. But if you’ve got irregular spacing between your plants, you’ll likely need to place individual drippers to make sure every plant gets water and nutrients sent directly to its root zone.

  • What’s the difference between PC and non-PC?

    Pressure-compensated (PC) drippers are designed for steep and varied topographies or for long fields. Whatever the pressure, they maintain a consistent flow rate, allowing you to build an effective precision irrigation system no matter how tricky your landscape is or how long are your crop rows. Non-PC drippers are ideal for flat topographies, or shorter crop rows.

  • Why does drip line wall thickness matter?

    The thicker the drip line, the more durable it’s going to be to external damage or to system pressure. It will offer greater resistance to physical damages and will allow operating the system with a wider range of pressures. Thinner drip lines are better-suited for removal every few years or even every crop cycle. They’re also less expensive so replacing them isn’t a huge cost. Medium-walled drip lines sit somewhere in between, offering a balance between cost and longevity.

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The real test of our products’ quality is in the field, getting the best growers in the world the best possible results. But we’re also proud to say that all our drippers and drip lines are ISO 9261 certified. 

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