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Our filters come with a wide range of different specifications and features. They’re designed to address whatever challenges you’re dealing with, from harsh water conditions to corrosion and UV radiation. Scroll down to explore the range in full.

Media filters – SandStorm?

SandStorm™ media filters protect your irrigation system from heavily contaminated water. High-quality carbon steel and non-corrosive filters, with modular design for easy scalability.


Disc filters – AlphaDisc?, SpinKlin? and manual disc filters

Netafim AlphaDisc™, Spin Klin™, and manual disc filters offer precise depth filtration, the most efficient protection, and superior performance.
Our disc filters are made from highly durable materials, so you can enjoy consistently uniform and trouble-free irrigation for years to come.

More on AlphaDisc™

More on SpinKlin™

More on manual disc filter

Screen filters – ScreenGuard?

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual screen filters

Netafim ScreenGuard™ screen filters, with the industry’s largest filtration area, protect irrigation systems from contaminated water, with highly effective filtration and less back-flushes for optimal uniformity. 


Hydrocyclone filters

Centrifugal sand separators CentriForce™ SP, CentriForce™ HC

Our cyclone sand separators are ideal for protecting irrigation systems using water with high loads of sand. Incredibly efficient and easy to operate without any moving parts, providing superior protection.

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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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