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Select the right control valves for your irrigation system and enjoy our easy to use hydraulic calculators. Download it now for Android or iOS.


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Carry out both simple and advanced  hydraulic calculations to control the water flow for optimal results.


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The app has all the information you need from which valves to select to how to properly connect the valves. You can also browse the spare parts catalog to choose what works for you.


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Access troubleshooting tips in an instant and fix the problem yourself.


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Install our FREE Control Valves App with features that help you choose the right valve, at your fingertips

Find the solution that works for you

Our valves come with a wide range of different specifications and features. They’re designed to address whatever challenges you’re dealing with, from the need to make precise or delicate adjustments to the need to shut off all mains and sub-main lines.


Series 100

Looking for high pressure control valves? 100 series metal valves control high hydraulic pressure flow and protect your irrigation systems.

Hydraulic valves


Series 75

Looking for strong and versatile plastic valves?  75 series exhibit exceptional hydraulic performance and provide optimal control of irrigation systems.

Hydraulic valves


Series 80

Equipped with a unique mechanism for fast reaction, these globe and angle valves are the right product for high-frequency irrigation or climate control. Made of composite materials they’re highly resistant to chemicals, UV and corrosion. They’re also designed to make it easy for you to configure them for different kinds of uses such as pressure regulating, pressure sustaining or quick relief.  

Hydraulic valves


Series 90

Looking for corrosion-resistant valves? 90 series solvent welded and threaded valves s are made from highly resistant materials and provide reliable irrigation control.

Hydraulic valves



Electrically operated, these valves control flow via manual override and throttling in greenhouses and landscape applications. Available in both straight and angled configurations.

Hydraulic valves


True union

These valves offer physical shut-off for control or service needs in irrigation systems in the field or in the main controls. They’re right for all applications.

Manual Valves

Plastic Butterfly valves

The perfect valves for physical shut-off of mains and sub-main lines. Or for when you need to service your system. And they’re made of high-quality, non-corrosive materials that are built to last.

Manual Valves

Throttle valves

These valves allow for manual restriction of irrigation head controls and field plots. They’re ideal for fertigation purposes, especially when you need to make subtle or precise adjustments to your flow rates.

Manual Valves

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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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