Digital tools for precision irrigation

You’re trying to make the best decisions. To do that you need the best data – and tools that make it easier to design your precision irrigation system.


You need an easier way to design

HydroCalc software

You need to be able to run your own calculations and make big changes on the fly. And you need an easy way to do it.

This easy-to-use tool makes it simple to carry out basic hydraulic calculations and then model and analyze the performance of in-field components (like drip laterals and micro-sprinklers, main lines and sub-mains, valves and other accessories ).  

And you can download it or access it over the web. So, it’s easy to graphically demonstrate the calculations that underpin your precision irrigation systems.



You need an easier way to design

You need irrigation consultant in your pocket


Get  daily and weekly irrigation scheduling programs based on in-field weather data, customized for your irrigation system, soil type and corn variety  in a simple mobile app.

It’s an irrigation consultant in your pocket, helping you increase yields and improve corn quality in unpredictable conditions.

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Need some help working out the best irrigation solution for your farm?

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