Our mission

Our mission

To enable CSS to expand its sugarcane cultivation in a cost-effective and sustainable way, despite challenging growing conditions.

Project details

Country: Senegal 

Crop:  Sugarcane 

Type: Open field 

Size: 3500 HA

Project summary

Project summary

CSS – the Senegalese Sugar Company – needed to increase its production capacity by expanding its cane plantation into a desert-like area plagued with sandy soils and limited water. Netafim’s profound understanding of how to cultivate sugarcane plantations allowed it to deliver CSS with the optimal precision irrigation infrastructure based on climate, soli type, and available water and human resource. A focus on capacity building enabled CSS to quickly prepare the new plantation, while automated precision irrigation systems allowed vast planted areas to be managed cost-effectively. Despite tough growing conditions, CSS saw yields of 150-160 ton/ha, extended ratoon life and a 2% increase in sucrose content. Payback on the investment was fast thanks to significant yield increases and reduction in inputs such as water, labor and fertilizer costs.

Results achieved

150-160 ton/ha

Av. yields


Increase in sucrose content

Reduction in OPEX

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This project included everything from initial feasibility and a POC, to the design and construction of the bulk water supply, training growers in the use of automated precision irrigation systems, and ongoing agro-techno support to ensure year-on-year productivity gains.

  • Pre-feasibility report for the extended area (location suitability)
  • Bulk water supply design 
  • Irrigation system design 
  • Professional on-site and off-site project management services
  • Installation supervision
  • Project execution 
  • Capacity building 
  • Agronomical planning and support 
  • Aftersales technical support 

The Netafim project lifecycle

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