Our mission

Our mission

To construct a fully-functioning greenhouse facility that would enable a local food company to produce vegetables for workers and locals.

Project details

Country: Kazakhstan  

Crop: Various vegetables 

Type: Glasshouse 

Size: 2 ha

Project summary

Project summary

As a newcomer to agricultural production, Atyrau Sauda LLC turned to Netafim with the goal of supplying its oil and gas field workers and local residents with affordable and nutritious vegetables all year round. The project, which took place in the frozen Atyrau region 230km from the nearest city, involved the construction of a special weather-adapted greenhouse and the training of a local team tasked with the smooth operation of the greenhouse and its adjacent nursery.  In addition to providing 1,100 tons of fresh produce a year, the project also contributed in a small but significant way to the socio-economic development of this remote region of Kazakhstan, through local job creation. 

Results achieved

Local employment

1,100 tons

vegetables all year round

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From providing initial risk assessment and agronomic planning to full implementation of the greenhouse facility and the training and ongoing support of its operational team, Netafim took responsibility for managing every aspect of Atyrau Sauda’s agricultural investment.

  • Irrigation system design 
  • Bulk water supply design 
  • Greenhouse design and construction
  • Project execution 
  • Capacity building 
  • Agronomical planning and support 
  • Aftersales technical support 


The Netafim project lifecycle

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